Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm really into...

Dream catchers right now, I love them. One day I just woke up and decided that I had to have them. I've been buying and making them as many as possible since then. I took a picture of all these but I deleted the picture by mistake now now they're all at my house.
But here's one I just made today...

Just bits and pieces of things I had around all I had to buy was the hoop, some of the feathers and the doily. This was actually the hardest to find, most of the doilies I came across were either too big or square. I found this one for $0.50 and tea-dyed it to get the look I was going for.
If you're anything like me yo now have this uncontrollable urge to cover a wall in dream catchers so here are some links I like with inspiration and DIY Projects.
-Lune Vintage, I love love love this one. I will now be on the search to find hoops and doilies big enough to do one like this.
-Free People's BLDG25, this is just yesterday's post keep going back further for other dream catchers projects and just all around awesomeness
-Rachel Rice, I love that she uses card stock as some of the back instead of hoop. can't find a doily the right size? try paper ones with card stock back, genius.
I'm also really into...
Tepees!!! I don't know what it is, I'm really not usually into Native American things (I think they're a bit one ht e cheesy trailer side) but right now I just can't get enough.

I really really want to make one, and I know there are like patterns and instructions online to do so, it just seems so daunting because I do all my sewing by hand and 15x30ft of hand sewing just seems so intense and crippling

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