Monday, May 16, 2011

hello hello hello

First day all alone with Abbey since my grandparents left, a bit stressful. It's been almost a month since it's just been the two of us, and well, she's kind of driving me crazy. I feel bad about that but, I can't hold her every single second of the day, she however, can cry every single second of the day. Awesome.
Here are some things I whipped up yesterday.
 We match
I needle-felted the flower. It would be a more put together picture but, like you read, Abbey's a bit demanding.
After reading Saturated Canary's post on synthetic dreads, I'm convinced. I've already been in contact with Damnation Hair about shipping times and installation, I'm just going to order a small accent set at first, I don't want to drop like over a hundred bucks and hate them you know?
What I really have my heart set on are these
I checked the colors and I'm thinking like natural color with some pink and bright blue throughout. Now just have to convince Dustin it:'s worth the price.
I don't know why these never accurd to me before, I didn't know they existed. Well i knew about lame like cyber punk goth ones but not nice decent almost natural looking ones, I love them. They're perfect since my hairs in that terrible growing out phase, if I get ones that match my color you won't be able to tell as much.

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