Friday, May 27, 2011

Going home tomorrow

I plan on posting twice tomorrow, one regular, on DIY project. And then I don't know how regularly I'll be able too, probably just like once a week. But we are we are getting Internet turned on sometime soon so watch out for that shit. lol
Yesterday I mentioned that I had bought everything to make an infinity (or eternity whichever you like) scarf and to dye a shirt. Well something every strange happend to the shirt when I started to dye it.

Can you see what I'm talking about?
It just started to fall apart, literally. I know why though, you see two days ago I decided I was going to bleach dye this shirt and the post a DIY about it, well it didn't work. I left it in the bleach too long and it turned the color of burnt skin, gross, so I just let it sit out and dry instead of washing it out. Well you know what that means? It means that it then turned white but also got way way over processed and weak. After washing then trying to process it again it just coudn't handle it, it fell apart. Had it been in a little better shape after everything was said and done I still would have worn it, because the pattern turned out well (you can't see the sleeves, they were the best part) but no I just had to throw it away. I couldn't even like save it for scraps it was just shredding in my fingers.

But the scarf turned out well!
I do all my sewing by hand so I really have to imbrace exposed stitches and use thick thread to make it look like it's on purpose. The eye let fabric was not quite a cotton as I thought it ws so it wasn't really taking to the dye like I had wanted but I'm happier with it this way.
I like chunkier scarvers, honestly I feel kind of silly wearing thin ones, like this isn't going to keep me warm and I might as well be wearing a necklace at this point.
It finally came! I'm still pissed of at though, nothing should take that long to ship from in country, we don't use ponnies anymore. I've been writing in it for three days, I'm already feeling bad about when I give up on it though. Lol. Not really, but really.
Oh yea, that's a Hello Kitty Storm Tropper on my laptop.

Tomorrow Abbey and I are going home, Dustin won't be home till Sunday but I need to check the mail and sort of get things in order before he gets home. Before we go home we're taking a trip to the farmer's market though.
Local baked goods and veggies, yum yum.

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