Thursday, May 26, 2011


So Dustin just texted me to say they're talking about pushing them back yet another day.
I told him to declare mutiny.
There's cat hair all over my laptop, person and baby. Awesome
He did apologize for being a douche the other night, so I'm not mad anymore.

Little needle felted robins nest I made yesterday. I wish you could see the work I put into this. I basically had to twist roving into yarn by hand and attach it to really make it look like twigs. But then when I went to detach it from the form it got all fuzzy pubey hairball looking.

Yesterday I said I bought a pinwheel kit, yea those are these. I gave one to my sister Kody and she was just like what is it.

I'm thinking today might be a double post because I have more to say but also errands to do and I'm trying to make it back to the house in time to watch a movie on TV.

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