Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Dreamers (5 days)

The 2003 Fox Searchlight film The Dreamers is, widely inappropriate. Seriously, horribly, terribly, don't sleep in bed with your sister naked inappropriate. That being said, it's a pretty good film
Set in 1968 Paris is about an American student, Matthew played Micheal Pitt, and his friendship and love affair with twin brother and sister Isabelle and Theo, played by Eva Green and Louis Garrel. Now honestly I can't even begin to describe this movie to you accurately, it's just like too much. I will tell you that everything is deliciously French and vintage and you see quite a lot of genitalia
Ok I can tell you this, throughout the film they play this game where they re-enact scenes from other movies (it does feature the scenes from all these, wonderfully black-and-white, vintage classics) and they have to name what it is. If they can't do it then the person gets to choose what the other ones have to do as punishment, like have sex in front of your brother or jack-off in front of your sister. I should mention that it is Isabelle and Theo that choose these punishments for each other, see what I mean?
Honestly none of this really matters because no matter how awkward and inappropriate this move is, because you aren't even watching it for the plot or character stories, you're watching it for Louis Garrel
Omg Louis Garrel, he might just be the creepiest person in this movie but who the hell cares with a face like that. Let's just all take a moment and take it all in, as I swoon.

Anyways if your interested in watching this, or just seeing Louis' package, it comes on tonight on IFC at 11:00pm, but I live in MT time. so check your local listings. it really is an interesting film to watch, as long as you aren't just screaming no no  that's your sister stop it through the whole thing.

Tomorrow I'm posting my first DIY project, if I can get to it today.

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