Friday, May 13, 2011

blogger is back

How exciting.
Did Forever 21 have the amazing dress that would have been perfect? No they did not. In fact I tried on the only three dresses in the whole store I thought were cute and nope. In fact none of them looked all the cute on. You have to try everything on. If I hadn't gone to Free People I would have barely spent any money at all, but I couldn't resist. I found the cutest maybe even better dress there to wear to Telluride next month. And I've been losing so much weight lately that I know by June 19th it's just going to look better than it did today.
I sound like really really conceited right now don't I? I'm sorry, I'm not trying too, I'm just excited. I'm just got back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I've still got 15lbs to go, but it's going really well.
We went to Spicy Pickle for lunch and I have single morsel of pepper stuck somewhere in my teeth, do you have any idea how much that burns?
Now I'm freaking out because I only have so much money left and I still need to buy a camera, a journal, and more craft supplies. I think I might go over a bit, maybe Dustin won't notice.
 It's the Woodsy Outdoorsy book, my piece of shit hole punch broke last night so I'm not really sure how I'm going to connect it all.

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