Friday, May 6, 2011


So today I took Abbey to the Aquarium for the first time in her life, lol she's three months old everything is the first time in her life.
This is going to be quick with few words because I'm afraid she's going to wake up and realize she's alone, oh dear oh no.
I don't know about you but I think they're BFFs
pot bellied sea horse anyone?
I was surprised at how good these turned out, my cameras old and crappy
She was into it maybe? It's hard to tell.
I look scared maybe? I did kill a roach that was gross.
*It's the Denver Aquarium, it's really nice there aren't just bugs crawling around I swear.
The Jellies are my favorite, because they didn't have squids.
I've always really wanted a really big lower back tattoo of a squid and jellyfish, I have it in my head and I can't get it on paper but I want it to look really like, oh whats the word I'm looking for, ethereal almost, light and whimsical.
That's all! Tomorrow I'm thinking I just might post pictures of the art journal I started working on tonight. Or I think we're going to some butterfly pavilion thing so maybe picture of that.

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