Thursday, May 19, 2011

7 days...

I consider myself a pretty serious crafter.
And I'm sure as many serious crafters know, it's a pretty expensive hobby. I try to use as much of whatever I have around as I can, but come on you can't have everything imaginable on hand at all times. I make weekly, sometimes daily, trips to craft stores. I have a notebook full of lists of thing I want to make and the things I need to do so, just so I can remember them all. And seriously, I read like 50 blogs a day looking for new projects, so it's not like I'm ever done, or near an end, or bored.
These are my favorites-
Free People's BLDG 25
Creature Comforts
And as we all know A Beautiful Mess, actually, it's not just the DIY section. I love so much of what's on that damn blog, and have re-created, or been inspired by so many things, that if I posted pictures, I would just look like a creep.

This is just what I've had to buy since being at my mom's house this past month. That's a lie, two weeks ago I had an appointment in Colorado Springs so I swung by my house and dropped off  load if stuff there too. I'm either going to start coming up with skillful ways to convince Dustin to ever let me go to a craft store again, or just hide it all around my house and be like what no I've always had that.

Side note, went back to Cold Stone to get another blueberry pineapple smoothie but the guy messed up and gave me blueberry banana instead. Not the same dude, but still tasty.

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