Monday, May 23, 2011

3 days

I used to watch Threadbanger every week, when they ended the shows I was genuinely upset by it. I looked forward to weekly web casts of projects I want to make.
I should mention that I nor Dustin really like any of our friends here in Colorado so we don't get out much. That might sound really sad but it's not, I'd rather stay home most of the time and so would he.
Anyways, my favorite was Decor It yourself, (ha ha get it DIY) I prefer to make things for around the house and I haven't always had the best luck with like making things to wear.  It was shot in Meg's (the hosts) house and if you watch long enough or are as observant as I am you'll she has wooden block letters spelling out NEST above one of her windows. I loved it so much I had to do it too, really hardly anything about me is original.
As Chuck Palahniuk put it in Invisible Monsters, "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known"
But really people isn't that some what true of everyone?

I'm finally cool! I had bubble tea for the first time a few days ago and I loved it. I had kiwi and lychee, as recommended by the people there and it was delicious. I was pretty hesitant at first because I don't really like drinking things with akward texture but it didn't bother me at all. I'm thinking I might treat my sister to some when I go pick her up from school, plus I really want to try taro and almond together.
Ok, I really really want a taxidermied fawn, like you don't even know how bad I want one. It would have to be a fawn though.
Look at how cute they are!

Side note-I just had part of this really hilarious conversation I had yesterday about high school aged boys and how bad they are in the sack and like virgins and stuff typed out but I can't decided if it's just like too inappropriate to post and for other people to read so I just backspaced it all.
I wish I could tell you though, ask me next time we see each other and I'll tell you the whole thing.

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