Sunday, May 1, 2011

24 days to go

24 more days of posting then it's back to my house, where we live underground with no Internet yet. We've made the decision that we'd rather have Internet than satellite, so it's just a matter of time I guess. Really it's 24 more days until Dustin gets back from Wyoming, I miss him a lot, we've never been apart for this long without constant contact (i.e., 30 calls a day, non-stop texting).
So in the mean time here's a fun little Russian Doll Card project that takes no time, basically no supplies and comes out super cute.
I love nesting dolls so much, really I love everything Russian, nesting dolls, vodka, my favorite author Ayn Rand is Russian, I hate Communism and the other day at the museum I saw this amazing exhibit on Vasily Konovalenko gemstone carving
It's was really impressive.

And also, 72hrs...
Tomorrow you can expect a lengthy post on different tye-dye techniques I tried out today. I would have done it today but I'm lazy so you know, whatever.

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