Friday, May 27, 2011

Going home tomorrow

I plan on posting twice tomorrow, one regular, on DIY project. And then I don't know how regularly I'll be able too, probably just like once a week. But we are we are getting Internet turned on sometime soon so watch out for that shit. lol
Yesterday I mentioned that I had bought everything to make an infinity (or eternity whichever you like) scarf and to dye a shirt. Well something every strange happend to the shirt when I started to dye it.

Can you see what I'm talking about?
It just started to fall apart, literally. I know why though, you see two days ago I decided I was going to bleach dye this shirt and the post a DIY about it, well it didn't work. I left it in the bleach too long and it turned the color of burnt skin, gross, so I just let it sit out and dry instead of washing it out. Well you know what that means? It means that it then turned white but also got way way over processed and weak. After washing then trying to process it again it just coudn't handle it, it fell apart. Had it been in a little better shape after everything was said and done I still would have worn it, because the pattern turned out well (you can't see the sleeves, they were the best part) but no I just had to throw it away. I couldn't even like save it for scraps it was just shredding in my fingers.

But the scarf turned out well!
I do all my sewing by hand so I really have to imbrace exposed stitches and use thick thread to make it look like it's on purpose. The eye let fabric was not quite a cotton as I thought it ws so it wasn't really taking to the dye like I had wanted but I'm happier with it this way.
I like chunkier scarvers, honestly I feel kind of silly wearing thin ones, like this isn't going to keep me warm and I might as well be wearing a necklace at this point.
It finally came! I'm still pissed of at though, nothing should take that long to ship from in country, we don't use ponnies anymore. I've been writing in it for three days, I'm already feeling bad about when I give up on it though. Lol. Not really, but really.
Oh yea, that's a Hello Kitty Storm Tropper on my laptop.

Tomorrow Abbey and I are going home, Dustin won't be home till Sunday but I need to check the mail and sort of get things in order before he gets home. Before we go home we're taking a trip to the farmer's market though.
Local baked goods and veggies, yum yum.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

That took a lot less time

Well those errands took a lot less time than I thought they would. Now I just kind for feel dumb for posting again and I could just combine the two, but what if someone already read the last one then I would be a liar blah blah blah. It's just easier to post again, it's not like the blog police are going to come arrest me.
Now to business...
Light weight summer infinity scarves for summer have been popping up in stores and blogs like crazy so I thought I would give it a go. In addition to head accessories I love a good scarf. I went searching and searching for fabric I liked an I came up with this blue floral print (I really had my heart set on pink but they were all so garish), wooden buttons for no reason, grey dye and rubber bands.
I'm going to dye the rest of the eyelet fabric grey (I wear A LOT of grey) to use it up, I'm also tye-dying a shirt this color. I love tye dye but like at a certain point in your life it's kind of like ok come on now. So I'm just going with a white shirt, grey dye. (That's what the rubber bands are for)

 I finished it! This is the back cover and final page of the Woodsy Outdoorsy Journal
 And here are a couple of pages for you.
I can't post the whole thing, it would be sooooo long.


So Dustin just texted me to say they're talking about pushing them back yet another day.
I told him to declare mutiny.
There's cat hair all over my laptop, person and baby. Awesome
He did apologize for being a douche the other night, so I'm not mad anymore.

Little needle felted robins nest I made yesterday. I wish you could see the work I put into this. I basically had to twist roving into yarn by hand and attach it to really make it look like twigs. But then when I went to detach it from the form it got all fuzzy pubey hairball looking.

Yesterday I said I bought a pinwheel kit, yea those are these. I gave one to my sister Kody and she was just like what is it.

I'm thinking today might be a double post because I have more to say but also errands to do and I'm trying to make it back to the house in time to watch a movie on TV.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4 Months Old, 3 days left

And apparently she is really upset about getting older.

Seriously she cried the whole time, I put away the camera she was as happy as a peach, took it back out, hysterics.
I gave up.

Also I just got back from being at a craft store for over an hour and come back with felting needles (which I needed), a Martha Stewart Pinwheel kit, and a Star Wars sticker.
It was kind of a waste of time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, we're back at 4.

This is nothing too impressive, just something I did the other day while Abbey was napping.
It's D for Downs, not Dustin, you think that would be a bit more obvious.
I don't even know what to blog about today, I'm still in such a down mood. And it's raining, and I have two infected piercings, and Dustin never called me back last night.
I'm like super super pissed off at Borders, I ordered something over a week ago and it's still not here. It's pissing me off even more because when I ordered my fringe boots last Thursday I was worried about them not getting here in time and they were here Saturday.
Theses are those boots.
I think I've wanted fringe boots since I was 3 or something. But have I gotten to wear them yet? No, because its been raining and raining and raining. I'm starting to worry about the outdoor show I have tickets to. It was snowing a week ago and the first one in in a week and a half. As for Telluride, I'm pretty sure there's going to be a blizzard but I'm not changing my outfit so I'm just going to look good and get hypothermia. Oh well.

This is just rambling, like I said I don't really know what to blog about and I'm still upset about Dustin. Not just because he's coming home late but because all he did was yell at me on the phone yesterday. Did I do anything to deserve it? Nope. Am I the reason he has to stay later? Nope. Whatever, I thinking about braving the rain to go get some bubble tea.
Wish me luck.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Dustin has been gone since the 19th of April.
He was supposed to be home on the 25th of May.
Then it was the 19th.
Then it was the 26th.
He just called me, now it's the 28th.
Are you fucking kidding me?

3 days

I used to watch Threadbanger every week, when they ended the shows I was genuinely upset by it. I looked forward to weekly web casts of projects I want to make.
I should mention that I nor Dustin really like any of our friends here in Colorado so we don't get out much. That might sound really sad but it's not, I'd rather stay home most of the time and so would he.
Anyways, my favorite was Decor It yourself, (ha ha get it DIY) I prefer to make things for around the house and I haven't always had the best luck with like making things to wear.  It was shot in Meg's (the hosts) house and if you watch long enough or are as observant as I am you'll she has wooden block letters spelling out NEST above one of her windows. I loved it so much I had to do it too, really hardly anything about me is original.
As Chuck Palahniuk put it in Invisible Monsters, "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known"
But really people isn't that some what true of everyone?

I'm finally cool! I had bubble tea for the first time a few days ago and I loved it. I had kiwi and lychee, as recommended by the people there and it was delicious. I was pretty hesitant at first because I don't really like drinking things with akward texture but it didn't bother me at all. I'm thinking I might treat my sister to some when I go pick her up from school, plus I really want to try taro and almond together.
Ok, I really really want a taxidermied fawn, like you don't even know how bad I want one. It would have to be a fawn though.
Look at how cute they are!

Side note-I just had part of this really hilarious conversation I had yesterday about high school aged boys and how bad they are in the sack and like virgins and stuff typed out but I can't decided if it's just like too inappropriate to post and for other people to read so I just backspaced it all.
I wish I could tell you though, ask me next time we see each other and I'll tell you the whole thing.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Super Simple DIY Garland/Window Treatment (4 days)

I'm not saying this is the greatest or most elaborate project ever but it turns out pretty cute. it was inspired by the window displays at Urban Outfitters and the inside of Free People at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver Colorado. I don't have pictures of either of these so I kind of suck.
Also I'm down to taking pictures with my BlackBerry.
 You will need-
Twine, cut to fit your window like I did or super long for a garland.
At least three colors or fabric, I used light turquoise cotton, dusty green cotton and off white eye-let fabric.
 I got a yard of each then and cut them in half width wise, it would look better if you kept it longer but whatever.
 Shred all the fabric, I highly recommend the snip and rip technique it's way easier and it gives it that nice frayed look that I was going for.
Eyelet fabric will rip width wise but not length wise.
I cut all mine 1inch to 1/2 inch, or close enough, I didn't use a ruler sorry.
 Then pick a pattern, or not, and just start tying, I just used a simple knot one time, I didn't like sew it down or anything, it's not like it has another purpose other than to hang there and look good.
 Just keep tying and tying and tying.
And done! I'm going to use it as a window treatment in my bedroom. I have to make another much larger one for the other window. I feel so grown up, matching treatment instead of Grateful Dead tapestries like what's in there now.
It can also be used as a garland. I'm really into making those right now but it's like, I'm not having a party what's the point?
make keep the strips way longer and more varied in length
mix up the pattern
don't use so many strips and space them out more, I think that's what I'll do for the big one.

Not the best but certainly not the worst.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Dreamers (5 days)

The 2003 Fox Searchlight film The Dreamers is, widely inappropriate. Seriously, horribly, terribly, don't sleep in bed with your sister naked inappropriate. That being said, it's a pretty good film
Set in 1968 Paris is about an American student, Matthew played Micheal Pitt, and his friendship and love affair with twin brother and sister Isabelle and Theo, played by Eva Green and Louis Garrel. Now honestly I can't even begin to describe this movie to you accurately, it's just like too much. I will tell you that everything is deliciously French and vintage and you see quite a lot of genitalia
Ok I can tell you this, throughout the film they play this game where they re-enact scenes from other movies (it does feature the scenes from all these, wonderfully black-and-white, vintage classics) and they have to name what it is. If they can't do it then the person gets to choose what the other ones have to do as punishment, like have sex in front of your brother or jack-off in front of your sister. I should mention that it is Isabelle and Theo that choose these punishments for each other, see what I mean?
Honestly none of this really matters because no matter how awkward and inappropriate this move is, because you aren't even watching it for the plot or character stories, you're watching it for Louis Garrel
Omg Louis Garrel, he might just be the creepiest person in this movie but who the hell cares with a face like that. Let's just all take a moment and take it all in, as I swoon.

Anyways if your interested in watching this, or just seeing Louis' package, it comes on tonight on IFC at 11:00pm, but I live in MT time. so check your local listings. it really is an interesting film to watch, as long as you aren't just screaming no no  that's your sister stop it through the whole thing.

Tomorrow I'm posting my first DIY project, if I can get to it today.

Friday, May 20, 2011

6 days...

If we were dating, you would get a lot of presents.
I just do that, I almost don't leave the house without coming home with some stupid little surprise for Dustin. Seriously, sometimes it's something really good but then other times it something weird that only he gets, like boxes of cereal or wooden pirate ship kits. When we're apart for periods of time he gets something better.
Oh yea I'll say it, I'm a pretty awesome wife.
 I just like to make sure he knows I'm thinking about him you know.
So anyways, this time around he's gone forever, not really that's a lie. But it's been a while, so I had to get him something really good.
And I did.
We're like huge Star Wars fans, Abbey's middle name was almost Skywalker but Dustin wussed out when it came time to put it on paper. We're also huge vintage fans, so what did I do?
Oh nothing I just tracked down vintage Star Wars memorabilia, because I kick ass.
Burger King glass from 1983
An un-opened, complete Speeder Bike model kit from, I actually don't remember like late 70's-mid 80's, the point is that it's vintage damnit.
See, you want to date me now too don't you. Funny that this is what I'm posting about because it's kind of something I'm dealing with right now. I keep getting guys that I've been friends with forever or like people from high school that are now all I love you.
Actually I only have one person telling me he's in-love with me, other than my husband. I just don't really think he is, I think he thinks he is based on this idealized memory he has of me. I've told him this, he disagrees and so does Dustin (you think I'm talking to boys and my husband doesn't know about it? come on).
And then the rest of them are like we should have dated it would have been so great, or more often than that we totally should have hooked up, bummer. And I'm always just like you've known me for 5-7 years, it's kind of your own fault. Not that I hook up with every boy that says he wants too, I'm not skanky like that.
I will say that one of these boys, the one I've known for 7 years, the that thinks he's in love with me, is a very good friend. I wish he would stop saying it, it just upsets me. Like had you felt the need to proclaim this one of the thousands of times we were together before I started dating Dustin, yea I'm sure we would still be together and happy and in love. But you didn't, I love Dustin, without sounding super cheesy I'm in love with Dustin, we're married, we have a child. I'm not leaving him to come live with you so maybe it will work out that way. What the fuck do you want me to do?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know this is stupid
This is one of those times when I'm coming off really cocky and conceited, I'm not trying too, I'm just putting down what's really happening. I don't really get it either, if these people knew how high maintenance of a person and girl friend I am I think they would change their minds. I know this has been rambling and like I'm the only person that will probably read this far but I just had to get it all out.

Tomorrow I promise something no so heavy, or cocky, and a bit more relevant.
Ugh, I need to like smoke a cigarette after all that.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

7 days...

I consider myself a pretty serious crafter.
And I'm sure as many serious crafters know, it's a pretty expensive hobby. I try to use as much of whatever I have around as I can, but come on you can't have everything imaginable on hand at all times. I make weekly, sometimes daily, trips to craft stores. I have a notebook full of lists of thing I want to make and the things I need to do so, just so I can remember them all. And seriously, I read like 50 blogs a day looking for new projects, so it's not like I'm ever done, or near an end, or bored.
These are my favorites-
Free People's BLDG 25
Creature Comforts
And as we all know A Beautiful Mess, actually, it's not just the DIY section. I love so much of what's on that damn blog, and have re-created, or been inspired by so many things, that if I posted pictures, I would just look like a creep.

This is just what I've had to buy since being at my mom's house this past month. That's a lie, two weeks ago I had an appointment in Colorado Springs so I swung by my house and dropped off  load if stuff there too. I'm either going to start coming up with skillful ways to convince Dustin to ever let me go to a craft store again, or just hide it all around my house and be like what no I've always had that.

Side note, went back to Cold Stone to get another blueberry pineapple smoothie but the guy messed up and gave me blueberry banana instead. Not the same dude, but still tasty.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pretty quick

If you're a regular reader then you should know that my camera is dead and I don't have the charger, so no pics, sadface.
Went shopping today, shirt, shorts, DVDs, jewelry, and a Pilate's thing. Lol I bought the Star Wars special features DVD, I'm pretty excited about it. Thrifted some designer jeans for like $14, awesome.
Halfway threw this shopping excursion it occurred to me that most of what I was wearing and most of what  Iwas buying was from American Eagle. Then if accrued to me that more than most of my clothes are from American Eagle, that's weird.
Last night at the airport for like the first time I realized that we are that family. you know those commercials of like the little kid running up to their parent whose in uniform and like all the people around are watching and look like they might start clapping, yea we're them. Not that's there is anything wrong with being those people, I just never noticed before. OMG I'm going to be in that family forever. (Dustin's in the Army too)
Let's start the countdown to Dustin coming home ready go.
8 days...
Maybe tomorrow I'll take some like Black Berry pics and upload those
Jesus Christ, Abbey just urpped on me again.
I have to go now...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blueberry Pinapple Smoothie, fuck yea

I guess my mom and my sister got into some fight this morning about her not being ready to leave for school on time. So my mom like busted in my room telling me she has to walk unless she can talk me into giving her a ride. Then like my mom left and I asked Austin and she was like I'm already late let's just go a 11. Whatever, I see her point. So we were going to go get Bubble Tea, we're so un-trendy neither of us have had it, but they were closed so we went to Cold Stone instead. And that I where I got this bomb ass blueberry pineapple smoothie.
Ok talk to you tomorrow.
I'm just kidding
Abbey in space!!
I'm sure you've seen the pictures of the baby whose parents stage scenes around them while they're asleep, if not click here. Well, I just think that's adorable and am totally going to rip them off with my own kid. Yea that's right you wanna fight about it?
I made this yesterday, I just realized that one part is messed up, crap, oh well.
It's a lot more simple than the last one I made, I kind of like it better I think.

I don't know if I can post tomorrow, my dad's coming home from Afghanistan tonight. LOL he's done seven deployments, never been injured, and today he got into a car accident in DC and missed his flight.
What the hell right?
But I do promise to try.

Monday, May 16, 2011

hello hello hello

First day all alone with Abbey since my grandparents left, a bit stressful. It's been almost a month since it's just been the two of us, and well, she's kind of driving me crazy. I feel bad about that but, I can't hold her every single second of the day, she however, can cry every single second of the day. Awesome.
Here are some things I whipped up yesterday.
 We match
I needle-felted the flower. It would be a more put together picture but, like you read, Abbey's a bit demanding.
After reading Saturated Canary's post on synthetic dreads, I'm convinced. I've already been in contact with Damnation Hair about shipping times and installation, I'm just going to order a small accent set at first, I don't want to drop like over a hundred bucks and hate them you know?
What I really have my heart set on are these
I checked the colors and I'm thinking like natural color with some pink and bright blue throughout. Now just have to convince Dustin it:'s worth the price.
I don't know why these never accurd to me before, I didn't know they existed. Well i knew about lame like cyber punk goth ones but not nice decent almost natural looking ones, I love them. They're perfect since my hairs in that terrible growing out phase, if I get ones that match my color you won't be able to tell as much.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

yesterday was just too much

My grandparents left (they'd been at my mom's since like January), it's was my little sister's prom night, and I was having like, Dustin with drawls. See, way too much going on to blog.
I finally talked to Dustin, now instead of coming home early, he's coming home a day late... fucking brutal. At least we're getting family separation pay. On the plus side my budget got upped again, by him.
 For the record, I do not  have to ask for money, it's not his, it's ours. Really he just said make sure this much is there when I get back and we're good.
I stocked up on supplies yesterday. Things to make dream catchers, head pieces, and I picked up some Boy Scout scrapbook paper that's I'm kind of not really sure what to do with.
I feel like it was not a coincident that craft stores were out of so much and yesterday was prom, but that just makes me wonder. What the hell did all these people make? I desperately want to know but at the same time don't really care too see a bunch of "look at me I'm so hipster and cool I made this prom shit", you know? It did kind of screw with my plans to make a few things though.
And today I picked up some new rings...
The gold one was my Great-Grandmothers, supposedly there's a gold band for me somewhere in this house as well but I've never seen it. The lovely green crystal one is actually from Target and I'm kind of in love with it.

The stacked set are the new ones, also from Target, they have a good jewelry buyer this year. The other two are my wedding rings, obviously. I know you're supposed to wear your wedding band on the inside but I just think it looks dumb that way.

And this is how I'm spending the afternoon. Holding this sleeping baby and watching The Other Boleyn Girl with my sister.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pics to post of new things I've completed.

Friday, May 13, 2011

blogger is back

How exciting.
Did Forever 21 have the amazing dress that would have been perfect? No they did not. In fact I tried on the only three dresses in the whole store I thought were cute and nope. In fact none of them looked all the cute on. You have to try everything on. If I hadn't gone to Free People I would have barely spent any money at all, but I couldn't resist. I found the cutest maybe even better dress there to wear to Telluride next month. And I've been losing so much weight lately that I know by June 19th it's just going to look better than it did today.
I sound like really really conceited right now don't I? I'm sorry, I'm not trying too, I'm just excited. I'm just got back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I've still got 15lbs to go, but it's going really well.
We went to Spicy Pickle for lunch and I have single morsel of pepper stuck somewhere in my teeth, do you have any idea how much that burns?
Now I'm freaking out because I only have so much money left and I still need to buy a camera, a journal, and more craft supplies. I think I might go over a bit, maybe Dustin won't notice.
 It's the Woodsy Outdoorsy book, my piece of shit hole punch broke last night so I'm not really sure how I'm going to connect it all.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

custom art giveaway

I follow Saturated Canary's blog, she this totally rad artist and she's doing a custom giveaway. and ok ok to get more chances to win all you have to do it post the link to your blog, and facebook, and twitter account. All of which I have done, fingers crossed.
Saturated Canary, custom art giveaway.
oh oh oh you can enter too and if you win just you know send her a picture of me!!
I'd say I'm just kidding, but I'm totally not.

It's kind of a lazy day

This morning when Abbey got up at 6 to eat it was snowing, then raining, then hailing, and basically all around dreary outside. It's like Colorado didn't get the memo about it being May right. So it's just kind of a lazy day, went to lunch, went to Target, probably just going to work on the Woodsy Outdoorsy Journal till everyone gets home. Still waiting to talk to Dustin again, did I tell you that this is not only a training mission but they're treating it like a mock deployment? Yea, with like night raids and simulations and everything. Still hoping he comes home on the 19th.

Let's talk about these dresses. I don't wear jeans, I rarely wear shorts or skirts, I think rompers are a bit absurd and I would never ever wear a jumpsuit. So that kind of just leaves dresses and leggings, how funny, that's all I wear.
I wish I could just order these dresses, that I'm in-love with, they would get here, look amazing and I'd be the happiest girl around, but sadly no.
I'm a curvy girl, well I have curvy hips and quite a nice derriere, but it makes ordering dresses online a bit of a gamble.

 Free hips, loose hips, one size hips, size charts can say whatever they want the only way I'll know it will look good, is if I try it on
This last dress I'm actually going to look for tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they have it in-store, and that when I try it on it looks the way I imagine it will in my head. It's perfect to wear to the Bluegrass Festival next month, and let's face it, how good of a time I'll have depends, let's say 50%, on how I look when I get there.
I've also decided to order the Five Year Journal It's a huge commitment and undertaking but I think in five years I'll like looking back and seeing everything I did.