Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quickly now, Quickly

I'm kind of in foul mood. Dustin told me he might come home early, which turned out if he does it's only a few days, that's hardly worth even telling me. Abbey just cried and cried and cried for like an hour. AN ex-boyfriend really really pissed me off, but then told me I was still beautiful, so whatever that was nice.And someone changed the effing appearance of the computer which like drives me fucking crazy, you have no idea. There is no point in doing it, it doesn't make anything easier, if anything it just confuses the people trying to get on after you change it because now I have to search for things because they're not where they're supposed to be. ANNOYING LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.

But I thought I would share this with you real quick. I love needle felting, it's pretty amazing and I'm getting pretty good at it. I bought a kit from Fancy Tiger and it had such amazing detailed instructions that I had it down in no time. This is the first thing I ever made.

It sits wedged between the Xbox 360 and Direct TV box, like it has a heart. Along with the mustache up top, my TV is kind of coming to life.

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