Saturday, April 2, 2011

it's just like what the fuck ever

So yea, I suck balls because I haven't posted in ages and I suck even hairier balls because this isn't really a post at all either. What's really stupid is that I have pictures to like upload and everything I'm just in too bad a mood to do anything like that. Everything is pissing me off, everything. I'm in such a bad mood I couldn't even buy supplies, the idea having to talk to a store person when I checked out made me put everything I had down and walk out.
God and I really want to go home, I'm at my moms house right now. It was Kody's birthday party today and Dustin has CQ so I didn't want to be by myself but now that everything is over I just want to go home, I can handle Abbey by myself, I just don't want to. But everyone here is just making it worse. When I'm in this awful of a mood I really just want everyone around me to either fuck off or be in a bad mood too. Not the case with my sweet grandparents, who don't seem to notice that all attempts at making me feel better are really just making it worse.
I think I might just leave, or I'll magically be in a better mood and do something more worth while later.

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