Saturday, April 9, 2011

I make a lot with mushrooms.

Hello! I'm in a considerably better mood then I was last post so yay for that right. I just ordered "Catcher in the Rye" from because they sold out of it at Borders for 80% off. And I bought the cutest pair of platform clogs (I'm very insecure about me height) that were 80% off from DSW.
About shoes, I'm obsessed with finding those damn Jessica Simpson shoes, but I think THE ENTIRE INTERNET might be sold out of them (they're running like over $100 on ebay, f that) . So if  I'm going to pay that much for them I'm thinking I might just order the Jeffrey Campbell ones they're obviously ripped off of.

And now to the crafts! I've been busy lately, which is amazing considering Abbey is a full time job. I'm almost out of projects to work on, it's a strange feeling. So today I'm showcasing mushroom things that I've been making...

Real dirt (wouldn't it be so stupid if I bought dirt?)Moss from Micheal's, I've been using it like crazy
Jar that was once full of spicy pickles, but a year later it was still half full so I decided it would just be gross to try to eat them, right ew.
Needle felted mushrooms, one of my favorite new things to do.
I actually got asked how I was growing mushrooms in a jar, ha!

The cute little deer broke off an ashtray we had
Moss from Michael's
Needle felted mushroom, from when I first started and wasn't quite as good yet
Can that was once full of instant coffee painted silver
"If we had a coffee maker we could be buying coffee right now instead of this watery shit"-Dustin

I'm pretty proud of this, it took fucking ages to cut out then individually glue all those blades of grass and all those little leaves on there.
Polymer clay mushrooms and tree. (if your going to try to make this, might I suggest poking am about 10 gauge wire up through the trunk for sturdiness and also ghetto rigging some kind of device that will prevent it from collapsing in the over, this is the third attempt)Felt grass, wood base, brown paint all from Micheal's

And my cute little door wreath
Thrifted wood wreath
Same bag of moss
Mushrooms made from wine corks

Dustin has to go to Wyoming for a month on the 19, so I will be here at my parents house so they can help with Abbey. What does that mean for you? UPDATES EVERYDAY YAY!!!

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