Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I can hardly contain myself

Dustin left today for 35 days, he's in Wyoming for some training mission/explosive explosives/ mock deployment and let me just say it sucks, he's been gone less than 12 hours and I'm already really for him to come home. Last night when he was asleep every time he would role over he would grab me real tight and tell me he loved me. He doesn't know this but it's actually something he does in his sleep anytime we're about to be apart for a while.  I could tell him, but it seems sweeter that he doesn't know.

On the plus side, he's going to be gone for sooo long and he had to spend soooo much money buying things he didn't need and we're going to save soooo much money being here at my mom's (I couldn't stay home with just Abbey for 35 days, I'd go crazy), that I get sooooooo much extra spending money that I almost can't contain myself and want to start ordering things in like some mad compulsive frenzy. I love online shopping, you get to go shopping and mail, what could be better right?
Dresses from ModCloth, shoes from Piperlime, cute hipster baby clothes from Zulilly, not to mention practically everything I can get my hands on from etsy and Free People. I had to make a list of everything really wanted. (I already ordered a white eyelet fringe vest from Free People this morning, excitement)
I'm terribly materialistic and kind of a compulsive shopper. it actually used to be really really bad but then I quit my job and was broke and I mean I didn't have like with drawls or anything. OK maybe I did, suck it.

JustFab.com, have you seen the commercials? Shoes and bags chosen for you by their stylists based on a fashion personality test all for 39.95 and free shipping, sounds awesome. Not so much. I joined this morning, you can't just look at shoes and bags you can only access the ones the stylists recommend for you, which can take up to 48hrs after you first join. I didn't like anything they suggested so when I clicked, pick again please I was told SURE but it's going to take 3-5 days. 3-5days?!?!? I just want to look at shoes, Jesus. They're getting one more shot then I'm going to  unsubscribe
And one more thing, since when do you have to pay up front to book a hotel room? I've been trying to book a room for Dustin and I in Telluride and surrounding areas for the Bluegrass Festival and I can't without paying up front. I don't have it all yet damnit and what if all the rooms sell out? I cannot afford one of the $499 a night rooms that I'm sure will still be open. I'm just hoping something will be open next week when I've put aside the rest of the room money or I think I'm going to sell my tickets, or trade them for something else.

I promise I promise I promise amazing things to look at tomorrow

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