Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I just plum forgot to post yesterday, no joke. Oh well. This is just a quick tiny post anyways. My three year old sister is insanely jealous of my three month old baby and is kind of harassing her right now (Abbey's fine, my Granny has her. Kody, on the other hand, is getting in trouble upstairs, Happy Easter). I just thought I would share this not terribly original but cute easy way to hang photos on your wall without just taping them (middle school much?) or putting a hundred frames and a hundred holes in your walls.

OK so you will need
clothes pins
ruler, pencil, to mark and measure but not necessary at all
And it's kind of self explanatory right? RIGHT

In the pictures? OK from the top left and over Me and my sister Austin. Me and my bff Victor. Me and Dustin. A light or possibly someones teeth? Me and Evelyn Brown (she's humping me). Dustin and Me. Um those are mine and someone else feet, I can't say whose, sorry. Me and Rachel. Rachel, Dustin and Me. Dustin. Rachel. Dustin and Me. Rachel. Andy, Me, and Ellen Crawford. Dustin and Nathan;s arm maybe? Me and Dustin. My bff Victor. Evelyn Brown, Me, Larissa Allen. Me and Rachel. Me and Rachel.
I'm pretty annoyed because I found my three favorite Polaroids of all time the other day but they were cut to fit in frames so they won't be even if I put them up there. Sadface. And yes some of those go all the way back to Junior year.
That's all I got

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