Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 years today

Three years ago today Juan kicked Dustin and myself out of his house, because (oh god this sounds gay) we were in love. And three years. five cross country moves, two years of marriage and one amazing baby we still are. I love my husband, I really do.
So we went out tonight, he was out of town last month for our wedding anniversary, and where did we go? The same place we went three years ago, Mellow fucking Mushroom, lol. It was pretty nice to have a break from the baby, we also went thrifting and to Fancy Tiger (picked up some pretty sweet Sublime Stitching patterns, and gorgeous dyed roving and a new piece of felting foam, pictures tomorrow).
And this is what we had (think of this as a review)
-cheese bread (literally my favorite food in the world)
-a small Thai Dye pizza, yum yum
-a small Gourmet White pizza
-Dustin had a sweet tea
-I had a Deep Southern Martini, delicious, a Shroom Tea, kind of just an over priced small Long Island, and  a Grateful Dead, which was tasty tasty and pretty. It was the first time I've been legal enough and not pregnant enough to drink at Mellow Mushroom, it was kind of special.
SO Mellow Mushroom , it's my favorite place bar none, when I would go on dates we went there, when I would go out with my friends or family we went there, prom, birthdays, cheer-up dinners, we went there. But sadly the Mellow Mushrooms in Colorado just don't have the charm they do in the South, instead of being built in old historic buildings they're built in news one all modern and shiny, in stead of being on Liberty a short walk from Broughton and Loose Lucy's it's in the middle of 16th St Mall or Southlands Outdoor Mall, it's kind of sad. But I'll still make the hour trip up from the Springs as often as I can to eat there. Actually I used to date this guy Ricky and we went to a Mellow Mushroom so many days in a row in so many states that it kind of started to be gross and I couldn't eat it anymore, but lol I got over that.
We actually filled out the comment card and where it said "How did you find Mellow Mushroom?" I wrote "Savannah GA circa 2004

picture post tomorrow

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