Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crystals Like Meth?

No, but the house behind my parents looks like they might have some.
On Thursday I went to the Denver Museum of Science and Nature with my grandparents and Abbey, and go ta little carried away in the gift shop on the way out. I bought a Crystal Growing Kit for some reason but I will say it's kind of cool to see it working.
They had three different packaging styles and I went with the one that looked the most official and was the most expensive, now I know I could have just bought the $5 bag of solution. All the was in the box was a Popsicle stick they called a "stirring rod"...
This is what it started as...
Seriously who leaves this much in the drawer? Just throw it away, honestly people.

Mixed with water, poured over a rock, covered with foil, room temp, don't move...
12hrs later
24 hours later
48 hrs later, that's today, duh

It says it's going to keep growing for five more days then I'm supposed to take it out and boil down the liquid and lone crystals till it's powder again and I can just keep growing them. I'm not going to do that. I'm already kind of in trouble for ruining a Tupperware bowl. I am going to keep updating the growth process though, it's more interesting to see the results in photos then hour by hour in person.
I really want to find a Magic Garden somewhere.
If you click the link, you'll see how cheap it is and wonder why I'm not just getting it there. It's because I've gotten a bit carried away and already have six packages coming this way. But BUT two of them are AMAZING vintage Star Wars things that I bought for Dustin, he's going to love them.
Another one is a vintage photo album that I had to have because it was super cheap and it will hold my Polaroid Instant pictures from the upcoming summer perfectly, and it had deer on it which I love.

Friday, April 29, 2011


So I was just casually checking my stats and my blog traffic is coming from two places, Twitter being one because I posted a link and another is an armature porn website?!?!?!?! There is nothing porn about this blog!!! How did this happen!! Is it because I say fuck so much? That's all it can be right??? What the hell, I'm like really pissed off about this. There are pictures of my baby on here for christsake!

Anyways, yesterday I mentioned that I'm kind of in love with Elsie Flannigan (btw I'm just kidding I'm not like stalking her or anything) so while going through her DIY section I came across the butterfly wreath and had to make it. Actually I came across this months ago and just finally made it because all the pieces cost way more then I usually spend on projects, which is next to nothing because of my stock pile.

I think it turned out quite nicely.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love a good head accessory

I do love a good head accessory, I have like ten hats, fifteen headbands and like a million hair clips which is dumb because I pretty much on wear one of each of those, but I do love them, you don't even know.
I now have to wrap both my sisters hair at their every whim. It seems simple enough but I hadn't even thought about doing in years until I saw this post on Free People's blog, which I'm like addicted to by the way.
This one I made during a drunken craft session at my house, it would have been more fun if it wasn't just me crafting and my husband playing video games but whatever. It's inspired by this Twinkie Chan DIY project over on Elsie Flannigan's blog (whom I'm kind of in love with I will admit) but regrettably I cannot crochet.
This one I made in like five minutes before Easter Church service and I kind of love it. It's just 2yrds of yarn loosely braided and tied off but I keep finding new ways to wear it. These pictures aren't very good because they were taken in a rush and I'm too lazy to try again.

I love a good head accessory, I'm kind of ashamed to admit this but I ordered feather extensions this morning from PluckenGorgeous on Etsy and I cannot wait till they get here. I look at this way, I'm not in high school anymore, I don't give a shit what people think about me, I like them, I'll own the shit out of wearing them after fashion.
I can't believe I really just posted a link to Etsy, lol like you don't know what it is.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quickly now, Quickly

I'm kind of in foul mood. Dustin told me he might come home early, which turned out if he does it's only a few days, that's hardly worth even telling me. Abbey just cried and cried and cried for like an hour. AN ex-boyfriend really really pissed me off, but then told me I was still beautiful, so whatever that was nice.And someone changed the effing appearance of the computer which like drives me fucking crazy, you have no idea. There is no point in doing it, it doesn't make anything easier, if anything it just confuses the people trying to get on after you change it because now I have to search for things because they're not where they're supposed to be. ANNOYING LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.

But I thought I would share this with you real quick. I love needle felting, it's pretty amazing and I'm getting pretty good at it. I bought a kit from Fancy Tiger and it had such amazing detailed instructions that I had it down in no time. This is the first thing I ever made.

It sits wedged between the Xbox 360 and Direct TV box, like it has a heart. Along with the mustache up top, my TV is kind of coming to life.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I got mail

Because when I get a tracking number I constantly check the location on a package I knew this was getting here today, doesn't make it less exciting though.
And I love love love it when I order things and they come wrapped up like presents. So much better then when they're just shoved in an envelope.
I got this cute little clutch from Spotted Moth. And it even came with a little thanks for ordering note, lovely.
I will say I was expecting it to be totally different colors. In the pictures online the grey looks way more blue and the light teal looks a lot darker. I'm still happy with the purchase though.

On a side note, it's Abbey Memphis' 3 month birthday, yay!!! I can't believe how terribly true it is that it's going so fast. The days when I'm at home with her seem to last forever then all of a sudden we've had her for three months, it's kind of sad already.

I had just gotten back from the gym andout of the shower, I don't have 80's flip over bangs all the time, gross.
And now I think I might have to go back to the gym because I went out to lunch with my grandparents to Red Lobster (cheesy hardcore, they eat there all the time) and I couldn't resist Lobster Artichoke dip.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I just plum forgot to post yesterday, no joke. Oh well. This is just a quick tiny post anyways. My three year old sister is insanely jealous of my three month old baby and is kind of harassing her right now (Abbey's fine, my Granny has her. Kody, on the other hand, is getting in trouble upstairs, Happy Easter). I just thought I would share this not terribly original but cute easy way to hang photos on your wall without just taping them (middle school much?) or putting a hundred frames and a hundred holes in your walls.

OK so you will need
clothes pins
ruler, pencil, to mark and measure but not necessary at all
And it's kind of self explanatory right? RIGHT

In the pictures? OK from the top left and over Me and my sister Austin. Me and my bff Victor. Me and Dustin. A light or possibly someones teeth? Me and Evelyn Brown (she's humping me). Dustin and Me. Um those are mine and someone else feet, I can't say whose, sorry. Me and Rachel. Rachel, Dustin and Me. Dustin. Rachel. Dustin and Me. Rachel. Andy, Me, and Ellen Crawford. Dustin and Nathan;s arm maybe? Me and Dustin. My bff Victor. Evelyn Brown, Me, Larissa Allen. Me and Rachel. Me and Rachel.
I'm pretty annoyed because I found my three favorite Polaroids of all time the other day but they were cut to fit in frames so they won't be even if I put them up there. Sadface. And yes some of those go all the way back to Junior year.
That's all I got

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Black Apple's Paperdoll Primer

I saw this book hundreds of times and I jut kept thinking "what the hell am I going to do with paper dolls?" Then I went shopping with my mom and sister the day after Christmas and it was $5 at Urban Outfitters (I was 9 months pregnant at the time, it's not like I was shopping for clothes) and just kind of thought oh what the hell I'll take it. So I got home and spent the next few days sitting on the floor cutting gout all the adorable dolls and clothes still not sure what I was going to do. Flipping through the section of the book on ideas and other things you can do it hit me, the next day I went to Goodwill and bought all the frames I could get my hands on the result was this...
which resulted in my living room looking like this...
Then a few months later I added this last one, I feel like it kind of explains what's going on...
The backgrounds on the collage are all wrapping paper from Anthropologie, but these two are fabric from Fancy Tiger...
One of the actual projects I did do from the book was this family portrait type thing. There are customizable dolls in the book which wold have looked more like us but Dustin insisted he get to be the pre-made one with the banjo, so he screwed everything up.
I do still have a box full of these at home, so I'll just give them to Abbey when she get s old enough.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

on a side note

I really really want to try this out.  But fake fur is so pricey and I don't really have to best record with things I'm intending to wear, unless it's hair accessories.
P.S. I made this is kind of hit or miss to me. I really want to make some of the things, and other things I'm just kind of like are you serious?

let's try this agian

It worked this time, yay! That makes me so happy. So like I posted yesterday I was in Love with this DIY project on Design*Sponge and I just had to try it. These are the results and I think they're pretty fucking cool.

The actual instructions have a file to download with these little cute labels but I don't have a printer so I used old paper grocery bags and made my own, mine are cuter.
Now they're sitting pretty in an old jelly jar on my dining room table (I would have taken a photo but the label was still on the jar, ghetto) and I just want to make hundreds more. Or another set of more authentic looking ones.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


holy son of a bitch, I had intended to post picture today of the result of this Design*Sponge Valentine Arrow DIY project but the computer I'm using won't transfer the files. GAY. Oh well, I have to go try to figure this crap out. I'll try again tomorrow.
This makes me really sad by the way.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I can hardly contain myself

Dustin left today for 35 days, he's in Wyoming for some training mission/explosive explosives/ mock deployment and let me just say it sucks, he's been gone less than 12 hours and I'm already really for him to come home. Last night when he was asleep every time he would role over he would grab me real tight and tell me he loved me. He doesn't know this but it's actually something he does in his sleep anytime we're about to be apart for a while.  I could tell him, but it seems sweeter that he doesn't know.

On the plus side, he's going to be gone for sooo long and he had to spend soooo much money buying things he didn't need and we're going to save soooo much money being here at my mom's (I couldn't stay home with just Abbey for 35 days, I'd go crazy), that I get sooooooo much extra spending money that I almost can't contain myself and want to start ordering things in like some mad compulsive frenzy. I love online shopping, you get to go shopping and mail, what could be better right?
Dresses from ModCloth, shoes from Piperlime, cute hipster baby clothes from Zulilly, not to mention practically everything I can get my hands on from etsy and Free People. I had to make a list of everything really wanted. (I already ordered a white eyelet fringe vest from Free People this morning, excitement)
I'm terribly materialistic and kind of a compulsive shopper. it actually used to be really really bad but then I quit my job and was broke and I mean I didn't have like with drawls or anything. OK maybe I did, suck it., have you seen the commercials? Shoes and bags chosen for you by their stylists based on a fashion personality test all for 39.95 and free shipping, sounds awesome. Not so much. I joined this morning, you can't just look at shoes and bags you can only access the ones the stylists recommend for you, which can take up to 48hrs after you first join. I didn't like anything they suggested so when I clicked, pick again please I was told SURE but it's going to take 3-5 days. 3-5days?!?!? I just want to look at shoes, Jesus. They're getting one more shot then I'm going to  unsubscribe
And one more thing, since when do you have to pay up front to book a hotel room? I've been trying to book a room for Dustin and I in Telluride and surrounding areas for the Bluegrass Festival and I can't without paying up front. I don't have it all yet damnit and what if all the rooms sell out? I cannot afford one of the $499 a night rooms that I'm sure will still be open. I'm just hoping something will be open next week when I've put aside the rest of the room money or I think I'm going to sell my tickets, or trade them for something else.

I promise I promise I promise amazing things to look at tomorrow

Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 years today

Three years ago today Juan kicked Dustin and myself out of his house, because (oh god this sounds gay) we were in love. And three years. five cross country moves, two years of marriage and one amazing baby we still are. I love my husband, I really do.
So we went out tonight, he was out of town last month for our wedding anniversary, and where did we go? The same place we went three years ago, Mellow fucking Mushroom, lol. It was pretty nice to have a break from the baby, we also went thrifting and to Fancy Tiger (picked up some pretty sweet Sublime Stitching patterns, and gorgeous dyed roving and a new piece of felting foam, pictures tomorrow).
And this is what we had (think of this as a review)
-cheese bread (literally my favorite food in the world)
-a small Thai Dye pizza, yum yum
-a small Gourmet White pizza
-Dustin had a sweet tea
-I had a Deep Southern Martini, delicious, a Shroom Tea, kind of just an over priced small Long Island, and  a Grateful Dead, which was tasty tasty and pretty. It was the first time I've been legal enough and not pregnant enough to drink at Mellow Mushroom, it was kind of special.
SO Mellow Mushroom , it's my favorite place bar none, when I would go on dates we went there, when I would go out with my friends or family we went there, prom, birthdays, cheer-up dinners, we went there. But sadly the Mellow Mushrooms in Colorado just don't have the charm they do in the South, instead of being built in old historic buildings they're built in news one all modern and shiny, in stead of being on Liberty a short walk from Broughton and Loose Lucy's it's in the middle of 16th St Mall or Southlands Outdoor Mall, it's kind of sad. But I'll still make the hour trip up from the Springs as often as I can to eat there. Actually I used to date this guy Ricky and we went to a Mellow Mushroom so many days in a row in so many states that it kind of started to be gross and I couldn't eat it anymore, but lol I got over that.
We actually filled out the comment card and where it said "How did you find Mellow Mushroom?" I wrote "Savannah GA circa 2004

picture post tomorrow

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I make a lot with mushrooms.

Hello! I'm in a considerably better mood then I was last post so yay for that right. I just ordered "Catcher in the Rye" from because they sold out of it at Borders for 80% off. And I bought the cutest pair of platform clogs (I'm very insecure about me height) that were 80% off from DSW.
About shoes, I'm obsessed with finding those damn Jessica Simpson shoes, but I think THE ENTIRE INTERNET might be sold out of them (they're running like over $100 on ebay, f that) . So if  I'm going to pay that much for them I'm thinking I might just order the Jeffrey Campbell ones they're obviously ripped off of.

And now to the crafts! I've been busy lately, which is amazing considering Abbey is a full time job. I'm almost out of projects to work on, it's a strange feeling. So today I'm showcasing mushroom things that I've been making...

Real dirt (wouldn't it be so stupid if I bought dirt?)Moss from Micheal's, I've been using it like crazy
Jar that was once full of spicy pickles, but a year later it was still half full so I decided it would just be gross to try to eat them, right ew.
Needle felted mushrooms, one of my favorite new things to do.
I actually got asked how I was growing mushrooms in a jar, ha!

The cute little deer broke off an ashtray we had
Moss from Michael's
Needle felted mushroom, from when I first started and wasn't quite as good yet
Can that was once full of instant coffee painted silver
"If we had a coffee maker we could be buying coffee right now instead of this watery shit"-Dustin

I'm pretty proud of this, it took fucking ages to cut out then individually glue all those blades of grass and all those little leaves on there.
Polymer clay mushrooms and tree. (if your going to try to make this, might I suggest poking am about 10 gauge wire up through the trunk for sturdiness and also ghetto rigging some kind of device that will prevent it from collapsing in the over, this is the third attempt)Felt grass, wood base, brown paint all from Micheal's

And my cute little door wreath
Thrifted wood wreath
Same bag of moss
Mushrooms made from wine corks

Dustin has to go to Wyoming for a month on the 19, so I will be here at my parents house so they can help with Abbey. What does that mean for you? UPDATES EVERYDAY YAY!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

it's just like what the fuck ever

So yea, I suck balls because I haven't posted in ages and I suck even hairier balls because this isn't really a post at all either. What's really stupid is that I have pictures to like upload and everything I'm just in too bad a mood to do anything like that. Everything is pissing me off, everything. I'm in such a bad mood I couldn't even buy supplies, the idea having to talk to a store person when I checked out made me put everything I had down and walk out.
God and I really want to go home, I'm at my moms house right now. It was Kody's birthday party today and Dustin has CQ so I didn't want to be by myself but now that everything is over I just want to go home, I can handle Abbey by myself, I just don't want to. But everyone here is just making it worse. When I'm in this awful of a mood I really just want everyone around me to either fuck off or be in a bad mood too. Not the case with my sweet grandparents, who don't seem to notice that all attempts at making me feel better are really just making it worse.
I think I might just leave, or I'll magically be in a better mood and do something more worth while later.