Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Monday

I really don't want this whole thing to be like boring, you know? It's just all of the amazing things I've made are all at my house and well, I don't have any pictures to show you, sadface.
 So today my Granddad took my car to be detailed and the oil changed and filled up and what not and I totally appreciate it but I kind of think it was so he could tell if I'v started smoking again, which I have.

Went to THE BEST thrift store (it's my favorite ever, too bad it's here and not in The Springs) I recently found out it's a chain, but are there any in Colorado Springs? NOPE ... Anyways picked up some amazing books, one of which is an old atlas and it's getting made into a flag garland for Abbey's room, or something. Again, there are pictures of all this coming, this like pretty cute purpley dress and AND a life size cut out of Darth Vader, oh yes be jealous and just like some other odds and ends.

I'm making this, no really. I've already got all the white done and it took a lot more glue then I thought it would so it's kind of on hold till I get home. I saw it over on and attacked it as soon as I could. Like I said, I just have the white done so I've got these like white yarn skeletons just sitting on my table at home.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have things more relevant to say and more pictures to post, hopefully, I don't want to suck at this. In the mean time here's a banana boat!

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