Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Post, I guess

Well, here it is the official MeganMakesCute blog.
What is MeganMakesCute, you ask? I guess all it really is a blog about things I make and things I'll most likely complain about. I woul dlike to say it's the name of the online store that I've opened and am currently living off of but it's not... I really want to open it but I really feel like I should take some bussiness classes first, so I know what I'm doing. (and i'm terrified of like being audited or something by the IRS)
It's also only going to updated about once a week, except when I'm at my parents house, because even though we have lived in the Springs over a year and talk about it all the time, we still do not have internet at the house, brutal.
SO what I'm really trying to say is-
Hello! Nice to meet you, let's do this.

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