Friday, March 18, 2011


I guess I'll post one of these, everyone else seems to.
Jacket-ebay, but it's from Target. Even with shipping and handeling it was still $12 cheaper than in store.
Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Tank-Forever 21
Belt-My sister's
Leggins and Boots-Also Target
Necklace-Tiffiany's, that's right, Tiffany's. It was my Christmas present from Dustin, and I'm getting another one for my birthday in July. I love my husband.

This is my attempt at getting my shit organized. I like lists, I like to see everything written out and crossed off when completed. These are all a bit over-whelming though.

Tonight I'm going to The Comedy Club with my mom and all my dad's NCOs. My dad's in Afganistan by the way so it's kind of like us and them. It was nice they called and invited her though, but she couldn't say no, and she can't go by herself (awkward) and I'm the only one old enough to get into a bar so I'm going. She has to buy me drinks all night though, should be ok.

One more thing (or really what I'm in love with today) I love love love these shoes-
Why why why does Jessica Simpson make such amazing shoes? I'm actually buying these in about 12 days, and I will wear them with everything.

Oh god the only thing better than thouse are these Jeffery Campbell ones-
But they're $100 more, that's a lot harder to sell to Dustin. He thinks anything over $25 is too much to pay for shoes, silly boy.

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