Friday, March 18, 2011

1.07 bar tab

I don't care what anyone says-
1 Ciroc Malibu
2 Diet Cokes
1 Ciroc martini
2- Colorado whiskey and Diet Cokes
for  $1.70 is pretty amazing, it pays to be pretty, we got stood up btw, but the bartender kept giving me drinks so why not right?

Dustin has said before that if I can get free drinks at the sake of not mentioning that I'm married to just go ahead and do it. so it's totally kosher


I guess I'll post one of these, everyone else seems to.
Jacket-ebay, but it's from Target. Even with shipping and handeling it was still $12 cheaper than in store.
Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Tank-Forever 21
Belt-My sister's
Leggins and Boots-Also Target
Necklace-Tiffiany's, that's right, Tiffany's. It was my Christmas present from Dustin, and I'm getting another one for my birthday in July. I love my husband.

This is my attempt at getting my shit organized. I like lists, I like to see everything written out and crossed off when completed. These are all a bit over-whelming though.

Tonight I'm going to The Comedy Club with my mom and all my dad's NCOs. My dad's in Afganistan by the way so it's kind of like us and them. It was nice they called and invited her though, but she couldn't say no, and she can't go by herself (awkward) and I'm the only one old enough to get into a bar so I'm going. She has to buy me drinks all night though, should be ok.

One more thing (or really what I'm in love with today) I love love love these shoes-
Why why why does Jessica Simpson make such amazing shoes? I'm actually buying these in about 12 days, and I will wear them with everything.

Oh god the only thing better than thouse are these Jeffery Campbell ones-
But they're $100 more, that's a lot harder to sell to Dustin. He thinks anything over $25 is too much to pay for shoes, silly boy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A man's job

God I'm so bored. Like really, really bored. I'm so bored I can;t even think of anything witty to say about the boredom.
So the other day I bought this stuff at the thrift store, I thought I'd share it with you.
This pretty awesome Smoky the Bear shirt, for $4.99 it was pretty pricey for a t-shirt but come on how could you not right?
These two books. The atlas is just being cut up for other things, it's in some pretty bad shape actually. And the life cook book I bought because 1-I love to cook and 2-the pictures 3- mainly for this page and the header of this page, it's pretty hilarious

On a last note, can we just talk about how much I love theses things?!?! Sally Hansen Nail Strips, they kick ass. Super easy to put on and the last for up to ten days without chipping. I'm pretty hard on my nails, I hate doing them, I hate chipped polish and I'm super impatient so these are perfect. And they come in flower prints, love it. I totally recommend them to everyone I see at stores.

Tomorrow we're taking Abbey to the aquarium for the first time, so maybe I'll have something better to say. And my botanical prints should be here, I'm so excited about them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Tuesday

I would say today went pretty much exactly like I thought it would. I like that, I hate it when you're like totally looking forward to something and then it like sucks balls.
I've said this before (today on facebook actually) but I really don't want to be one of those people that can only talk about their kids. I hate hose people I think I'm a lot more exciting than that, but it could all just be in my head yes?
That being said here are some pictures of my baby!
Oh yea, she looks cute now but you weren't around when she decided to cry inconsolably for two hours, I'm not kidding or exaggerating two effing hours.

The flowery pillow case is thrifted and the one above, yes the one that makes Abbey look like she antennae is from Ikea. OOOOh how I love Ikea. We're getting one in Denver but it won't be open till fall. Which is retarded since they've been building it for two years.
One more thing, you probably don't notice but I'm missing two piercings in that ear, tragus and rook. When I had Abbey Dustin had to take them out for the surgery and we couldn't get them back in, it was sad. So I'm thinking about getting an industrial, I've always wanted one but I've always had too much crap in my ears to do it.
Purchases of the day-

(I realize it's the wrong way thank you)
Blue dress-Forever 21
Grey cardigan- Target
Tea pot lamp, ice cream measuring spoon, owl journal, grey shirt_Urban Outfitters.
Hopefully my botanical plates will get here tomorrow, I hope they're what I'm expecting.

One more thing-
Can we just talk about how amazing this looks?
Seriously I can't express how much I want my room to look like that.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Monday

I really don't want this whole thing to be like boring, you know? It's just all of the amazing things I've made are all at my house and well, I don't have any pictures to show you, sadface.
 So today my Granddad took my car to be detailed and the oil changed and filled up and what not and I totally appreciate it but I kind of think it was so he could tell if I'v started smoking again, which I have.

Went to THE BEST thrift store (it's my favorite ever, too bad it's here and not in The Springs) I recently found out it's a chain, but are there any in Colorado Springs? NOPE ... Anyways picked up some amazing books, one of which is an old atlas and it's getting made into a flag garland for Abbey's room, or something. Again, there are pictures of all this coming, this like pretty cute purpley dress and AND a life size cut out of Darth Vader, oh yes be jealous and just like some other odds and ends.

I'm making this, no really. I've already got all the white done and it took a lot more glue then I thought it would so it's kind of on hold till I get home. I saw it over on and attacked it as soon as I could. Like I said, I just have the white done so I've got these like white yarn skeletons just sitting on my table at home.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have things more relevant to say and more pictures to post, hopefully, I don't want to suck at this. In the mean time here's a banana boat!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Post, I guess

Well, here it is the official MeganMakesCute blog.
What is MeganMakesCute, you ask? I guess all it really is a blog about things I make and things I'll most likely complain about. I woul dlike to say it's the name of the online store that I've opened and am currently living off of but it's not... I really want to open it but I really feel like I should take some bussiness classes first, so I know what I'm doing. (and i'm terrified of like being audited or something by the IRS)
It's also only going to updated about once a week, except when I'm at my parents house, because even though we have lived in the Springs over a year and talk about it all the time, we still do not have internet at the house, brutal.
SO what I'm really trying to say is-
Hello! Nice to meet you, let's do this.